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For the Chef

Designed especially for Chefs

Ceramic ware for the chef

We love delicious, and like you we're passionate about what's on the table. While the ingredients we use in the production of our wares may differ a little from what's in your kitchen, the combining, stirring, and baking are common ground. By the time our hand-made wares are tabletop ready you can be sure there's been a whole lot of heart and soul baked right through. We think you'll find our tablewares to be warm, real and authentic. Individually unique, and perfectly imperfect. 

Suitable for the small intimate corner restaurant or the busy commercial kitchen, our handmade wares are sure to add beauty and flavor to the culinary experience. Designed and crafted with chef in mind, all our made-from-scratch ceramic wares are crafted and finished in house with our proprietary durable commercial quality stoneware clay and glazes.  Our custom handmade stoneware is uniquely crafted to hold up to the abuses of high-volume restaurant use. Made from locally sourced, non toxic and lead free clays and glazes, our handmade wares are dishwasher and microwave safe. Our hope is that our authentic American handmade dinnerware will become the blank canvas on which you work your creative culinary genius. 

custom ceramic ware shapes and sizes

Custom Shape options- Our unique hand-crafting process and shop tooling allows us to produce a large variety of custom handmade ceramic shapes to fit your table needs. Our process allows for unique handmade designs that are both uniform and consistent. We stock a large variety of custom shape tooling that allows for quick turnaround on production runs, small or large.

Custom Color options- We have the glaze expertise and know how to formulate and match the color and surface you are looking for. We can offer durable, commercial quality glazes in a full range of colors and hues, glosses and mattes, speckled or variegated, whatever your flavor.  

Collaborations- Looking for the perfect canvas for you to work your culinary genius?  We love collaborations and we'd would love to hear from you. We have the expertise and manufacturing facility to service the hospitality and restaurant industry.  We're comfortable with small batch or large run orders, whatever you need.



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