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Our Process


handmade ceramic wares Our process of creating made-from-scratch, hand-made ceramic tableware has become a fusion of art and science, where artist, craftsman and engineer merge into one.  Each of our American handmade ceramic wares begin as an idea first.  Most often our wares are inspired by our interaction with people and places.  Both form and function play an important role in our design as we strive to create beautiful, functional, and timeless wares for home and restaurant.


ceramic recipe processThe grand secret to making simple and delicious food is starting with top quality ingredients, and so it is with making great tableware. Our made-from-scratch, handmade ceramics are made from our own house blends of carefully gathered, top quality, raw ingredients. Fine grinds of locally sourced dry clays, silicas, and fluxes are combined before the batch is vigorously dry mixed.  While mixing, water is continuously added to batch until the mix reaches the perfect consistency. The freshly mixed clay is then transferred to the pugmill where it is twice mixed before it is de-aired and aged.  The aged clay is now ready to take shape.


handmade dinnerware for chefs

Our hand forming and molding process is unique to the shapes we are creating.  Each and every piece we hand-craft is carefully hand-pressed or ram-pressed, hand-slabbed or slumped, thrown or cast. Our shop tooling included potters wheels, slab rollers, extruders, presses, stamps, molds, and other custom clay forming tools. When it comes to our tooling, if we use it, chances are we had to build it from scratch. Our custom hand-tooling process guarantees that no to pieces we create are alike, while balancing size and shape uniformity for ease of use. Each piece we craft is a testament to the uniqueness of our hand-forming process.   We think you'll find each and every one of our wares to be uniquely unique, and jam packed will hand-made goodness.


glazing jefferson street ceramics processIt's like putting the icing on the cake, so we take care to do it right.  All of our own house formulated and blended glazes are commercially engineered to be both beautiful as well as durable.  Early on in our production, we noticed the need for commercial quality glazes for our handmade tablewares, so we dove head first into the science and application of glaze chemistry.  Some  two decades later, we're pretty comfortable in the world of glaze chemistry and can offer a full range of colors and hues, in durable gloss or matte finishes.  When it comes to glazes, the possibilities are endless.  All of our commercial quality glazes are durable for high volume restaurant use and are made from non toxic, lead free glazes that are applied through hand dipping, brushing, sponging, and spraying. 


firing process for ceramics Each morning there is a race to be the first to open the kilns and get the first glimpse of the newly fired wares.  We take care to fire each of our wares to perfection. For us that means twice cooked, over open flames.  To ensure that our wares are fully vitrified and cooked through, we burn to around 2300 deg f.  That's fiery hot, so we take care to keep a watchful eye. It's often surrounding the still warm kilns, in the darkness of the early morning, where the days production plans are made.  Throughout the day the finished wares will be unloaded and the kilns reloaded for the next evening cycle.  By the time the kiln doors are shut and burners are lit, it's been a full day and we're ready for lights out. 
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