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Our Story

How it began...

our story begins

Our story began a couple decades with my younger brother and I, at our home kitchen table with hands covered in clay. We were working on finishing up a hand building with clay assignment for a beginners high school pottery class.  Our first introduction to pottery was challenging, messy and unfruitful... but enjoyable to. Hand building quickly led us to wheel throwing, and the more we got our hands dirty, the more we became intrigued by the Art of Making pottery. The idea that with a little effort, creativity and skill, a lump of raw clay earth could be recreated it into something refined and beautiful was intriguing. Could beauty be created from chaos? We believed it could. Our new found curiosity quickly became an all-in endeavor, and we've been covered in clay ever since.

The journey...

our journey

Our journey into the world of ceramics has been exciting and often entirely unexpected. To say it best, we've learned by doing. Crafting American hand-made ceramics has been far more challenging and humbling than we ever anticipated, but we've grown from the majesty of the challenge. It has taken decades of patience, perseverance and practice to be where we are today.  Theres no doubt that we've become part of the process as we've been stretched, formed and molded along the way. 

Our journey quickly grew into far more than just our own. It's taken us to distant places, and we've seen the big and the small.  It's taken us into large industrial manufacturing plants as well as small backyard home studios. We've crossed paths and made friends with many and have been inspired and shaped by those along the way. We've been wonderfully blessed by many seen and unseen hands. They have become an essential part of our story and their memories are forever a part of our work and wares. 

 The now...

handmade plates

Destiny has brought us back to the table, back to where it all began..... We are excited and humbled to be crafting American handmade tablewares and to be able to share them with you. We are in love with the table and all the blessings and comfort it has to offer. Each handmade piece, from our hand and heart, tells our story and we'd love you to become a part of it.

We'd like to say a big heartfelt thank you for helping us keep food on our table. It's our hope that you'll find our tablewares to be warm, real and authentic. Individually unique, and perfectly imperfect.

 – The Potters of Jefferson Street

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